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In-patient services comprise of the provision of hospital beds, the services associated with the operating theatres, and intensive care units. We strive to provide a dignified, private and as comfortable an environment as possible for treatment and recovery.

Memfys Hospital prides itself on the quality of in-patient care. The hospital has a relatively high nursing staff to in-patient ratio and provides round the clock care for all in-patients. The quality of care provided by our doctors is a crucial factor in good clinical outcomes. Many Memfys Hospital patients make a good recovery and move on to a more promising future.


Treatment and care are given for a range of conditions affecting the central nervous system including Strokes, Tumours, Congenital brain and spine anomalies and Head and spine Injuries. Types of surgery include: Brain Tumour and other brain disease Surgery, Brain Surgery for paediatrics, Brain Vascular Surgery, Epilepsy Surgery, Stroke Management, Spine Surgery (instrumented, non-instrumented & minimally invasive), Stereotactic Surgery and Neuroendoscopic Surgery.

There is a total of 20 beds including 3 Paediatric. Four of the beds are in private rooms and the others are in shared en-suite rooms.

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