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  • Memfys Hospital

    Our patients are at the heart of everything we do

  • Memfys Hospital

    Our patients are at the heart of everything we do

  • Memfys Hospital

    Our patients are at the heart of everything we do

  • Memfys Hospital

    Our patients are at the heart of everything we do

  • Memfys Hospital

    Our patients are at the heart of everything we do

  • Memfys Hospital

    Our patients are at the heart of everything we do

In Patients

Admission into Memfys Hospital is in most cases preceded by a medical consultation by a member of our medical team.  Your treatment could be non-surgical or surgical. If your treatment is surgical, you will be informed about the procedure and the expected results. Please, feel free to ask any other questions you wish. You then must decide what to do. The decision to have surgery or not is yours unless you have been admitted as an emergency case or are a minor and are not able to make a decision for yourself in which case the decision will be made by your next of kin.

When you have been given an admission date, you will be given instructions on what to do to prepare for your admission.  Please make sure you follow any instructions about eating or drinking on the day of your admission, otherwise your treatment may be delayed or postponed.

Please tell the doctor if you have a history of bleeding disorders or if you are taking any blood-thinning medications like aspirin, or other medicines that affect blood clotting. It may be necessary for you to stop these medicines before a surgical procedure.

If you smoke, you should stop smoking as soon as possible before the procedure to improve your chances for a successful recovery from surgery and to improve your overall health status.

Consent form: You will be asked to sign a consent form if you do decide to have the surgery. This is a legal document that grants your permission to have the surgery to be performed.

What you should bring with you if you have been admitted

  • Details of next-of-kin, closest relative or friend
  • Any medicines that you use (including non-prescription and herbal medicines), and a list of any allergies you may have
  • Clothes: Nighties or pyjamas; dressing gown and slippers; daywear (comfortable clothes) and underwear
  • Towels
  • Toiletries: toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, shampoo, hairbrush or comb, shaving kit, deodorant, flannel or sponge, box of tissues, ear plugs and sanitary products as appropriate
  • Money for the convenience store on the premises, mobile phone etc.
  • Any walking or hearing aids, spectacles, contact lenses or dentures as well as their cases and cleaning equipment for these items
  • You may also like to bring, books, magazines, pen and paper.


Please do not bring:

  • Bed linen – these are provided by the hospital
  • Washing powder – there are no laundry facilities on the wards, so please ask a friend or relative to do any washing for you off the premises and bring any extra changes of clothes you need
  • Valuables – large amounts of money, jewellery, expensive games, computers or music players
  • Anything noisy – please don’t bring your own TV, radio or DVD player
  • Alcohol is strictly not allowed
  • Mobile phones – you can use mobile phones in the hospital but they must be switched to ‘discreet’ mode when used on the wards. Please be considerate when using your mobile phone; we ask that your visitors leave the ward area to make or receive calls

Smoking is not allowed on the premises.

During your Stay

The ward is managed by a Matron and is staffed by nurses and doctors. If you have any concerns during your stay, they will be available to answer any questions you have.

Memfys Hospital currently has three types of ward:

  • Private 1 bedded ward
  • General 2 bedded ward
  • General 3 Bedded ward

All rooms have an en-suite bathroom with a shower. There is also a TV and wardrobe for your belongings. 

There is a notice board in each room that lists the names of every care giving staff attending to the patients in that ward. This list is updated at the start of each shift, so you know who to call if you have any queries or difficulties. Your Consultant is responsible for your care. Although you may not see your consultant every day, a doctor on your consultant’s team should visit you. Major ward rounds are conducted twice daily – in the morning and at around 6pm daily. Other visiting specialists might make visits during the day. Also, rounds are conducted by the nurses at shift handovers. 24/7 medical care is provided by our resident medical officers who assist the Consultant as required. There are always 2 senior residents and a medical officer on call within the hospital premises every evening and weekend.


Your doctors and nurses will discuss your treatment with you. Each nurse wears a name identification tag and can also be identified by the uniform they wear.

Matrons - can be identified by their beige outfits

Staff Nurses - can be identified by their army green outfits

Auxiliary Nurses - can be identified by their ruby red outfits


Patient Companions

Memfys hospital allows for one patient companion who is a close relative or friend to stay with the patient at all times. This arrangement is made more comfortable in the private wards, where there is more space so that a couch in each room converts to a bed.  Extra companions/ family members are encouraged to stay in one of numerous hotels within proximity to the hospital.



Patient companions are expected to assist with feeding their patients except a patient on NG tube for whom the nurse will assist with feeding. The patient companion is expected to work with the kitchen unit to blend the food for the patient.  The Memfys kitchen service operates 24/7.  Patient meals will be provided by the kitchen whereas patient companions are required to make their own meal arrangements with the kitchen.  Memfys Hospital does not allow meals to be brought from outside the hospital. 



Family and friends can be very helpful during your recovery. Visiting rules have been put in place because rest is an important part of your treatment. Patients can request for a no visitor policy to be put in place. Please encourage your visitors to follow the rules.

Guidelines for Visitors

  • No more than two (2) visitors at a time.
  • Visitors may obtain passes from the main security desk (canopy)
  • Visitors must always wear their ID passes
  • Visitors must be at last 16 years old
  • Children must not be left unattended in the lobby
  • All food and drink being brought into the ward must be cleared by the nursing unit.
  • Patients bathrooms are for patients’ use. Visitors and guests are required to use the visitor toilets. Ask a member of staff for the closest visitor toilet.

Please note that a change may be made to the Visitor Guidelines in operation at Management's discretion.

Visitors to the ICU

Entry to the ICU is very restricted. Staff and patient companions and patient visitors must adhere to strict hygiene protocols before entry into our ICU. Staff and patient companions and patient visitors must change into appropriate clean footwear and overalls provided to them before entry. Because of this strict protocol in gaining access to the ICU, one Patient Companion is allowed in to see the patient. This access is granted at set times twice daily (morning and Night).


Parking - Memfys hospital has a free parking facility for patients and their visitors.

Canteen - There is a canteen open to patients, visitors and staff.  The canteen serves  breakfast between 7.30am and 9am, lunch between 12.30pm and 3pm and dinner between 4.30pm and 9pm every day.  A ticket for a meal can be purchased from the Convenience Shop.

Convenience Shop - The shop is located on the premises on the right of the old building and sells a variety of items including toiletries, drinks, and snacks.  The opening hours are between 7.30am and 6pm.  The shop closes for lunch each day between 2pm and 3pm.

Financial Arrangements

Patients being admitted into Memfys Hospital fall into two categories:

  1. Patients covered by Health Management Organisations (HMOs)
    Memfys Hospital has existing arrangements with some HMOs. Please contact your HMO prior to your admission to ensure that your policy covers your proposed treatment and obtain an authorisation code. Also please bring your membership details and identification with you and remember to contact your insurer beforehand to get authorisation for your consultation and or admission.

  2. Patients paying their own bills
    If you are responsible for paying your own bill or you have a sponsor other than a HMO, you will be required to pay a deposit on admission, based on the proposed treatment and estimated length of stay. Should the length be subsequently extended, or should the treatment need to be altered, then a further deposit will be required to keep the account in credit. Regular account statements are issued to inform the patient/sponsor of the cost of treatment.  If you are self-funding, you will be required to pay before your consultation. We accept POS or bank transfer. We regret that we can no longer accept cheques.
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