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Memfys Hospital SHHEPPAD Outreach at Ngbowo, Agwu LGA, Enugu State

March 8, 2020

On Saturday 7 March 2020, Memfys Hospital carried out a SHHEPPAD Outreach program for the residents of Ngbowo in Agwu Local Government Area (LGA), Enugu State.  The Outreach was held at St Andrew’s Hospital in Ngbowo and was organised by the local Catholic Clergy who prepared the venue and sensitized the residents to the need to investigate further possible or existing neurological conditions.

Medical staff that participated in the outreach were 2 Consultant doctors and 4 Resident doctors from Memfys Hospital and 5 volunteer nurses from University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH).  Over 150 people were seen by Memfys Hospital medical staff and UNTH volunteer nurses.  Most of the people that were seen by medical staff were over the age of 60.  However, the outreach was also attended by younger men and women and children.

Memfys Hospital carries out a regular outreach program, usually once a month at our premises and sometimes in local communities, where free consultations are given to the general public.  Attendees can see doctors and other medical personnel about possible conditions affecting the nervous system (brain and spine).  The SHHEPPAD program is particularly targeted at the less privileged.

SHHEPPAD stands for the most common diseases and disorders that affect the human nerves/brain.  Some of these disorders can be prevented while others if discovered early may be treatable.

S – Stroke

H – Hydrocephalus

H – Head Injury

E – Epilepsy

P – Parkinson’s Disease and other movement disorders

P – Pain

A - Anomalies

D - Dementia

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