Memfys Hospital was founded in 2002 as a pioneering Neurosurgical unit based in Enugu, Nigeria. The first and only specialist hospital of its kind in Africa, its mission has always been to offer a standard of neurosurgical and neurological patient care comparable to that found in developed countries.

The hospital has since established itself as a renowned centre for neurosurgical and radiological services in Nigeria, serving a wide geographical area and treating patients with various neurosurgical and neurological disorders from all corners of Nigeria.

The hospital’s primary goals are:

MHN Building

Providing high quality patient care

Memfys provides high quality patient care by using modern, high tech and reliable equipment as well as highly trained and motivated staff.

Our equipment and facilities surpass the minimum recommended by the World Federation of Neurosurgical societies that regulates global neurosurgical practice. These facilities include a Phillips Brilliance 64 Slice CT scanner, Mobile CereTom 8 slice CT scanner, a 0.35t open MRI system, a Mira Mobile Digital Xray and a Digital EEG machine.


The modern operating theatre suites are equipped with four Operating Microscopes including the Zeiss Pantero 90, Digical C-Arm, Piped air and oxygen, High speed drills, intracranial aneurysm surgery sets and instruments, full spinal surgery instrumentation for cervical anterior and posterior as well as lumbar pedicle screw fixation. The three bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is fully equipped with modern ventilators and monitors, infusion pumps, syringe pumps etc…

Conducting health related training programmes

Staff at Memfys include medical doctors, nurses, radiographers, physiotherapists, accountants, technicians and housekeeping staff.

Memfys provides training for young and more experienced doctors embarking on a career in Neuro and Spinal surgery. Memfys is accredited by the West African College of Surgeons (WACS) for full training in neurosurgery making it the third centre to be so recognised in Nigeria alongside University College Hospital Ibadan (UCH) and Lagos Teaching Hospital (LUTH). It is the only private health institution to enjoy this status in all of Africa. Memfys also provides the mandatory training in neurosurgery for doctors specialising in Anaesthesia, ENT, Ophthamology and Orthopaedics.

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Engaging in health related research especially pertaining to the Nervous System

Memfys is very active in research and is keen to push forward the boundaries of knowledge in neurosurgery and the effectiveness of treatments. Our medical staff have numerous publications in local and international journals and conferences.